Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1894, October 27 - 18 sheep killed in a derailment at Lebreton Street, Ottawa on the OA&PS.

From the Ottawa Journal Monday 29 October 1897

Eighteen Sheep Killed-  Six Hundred Were on the Train - The Accident Occurred Saturday Night
There  was a rather big smash-up Saturday night on the Parry Sound road at Le Breton street. Five box cars, and seven flat cars came to grief. Eighteen sheep were killed and considerable other damage was done.
The accident occurred at 10 minutes past ten Saturday night.   A way freight from up the line was the victim. The train consisted of 44 cars, 24 being flat cars and 20 box cars. Two engine were attached, one in front and one behind. The box car were attached to the front engine. No. 4, and the flat cars followed.
Just how the accident happened is unknown. It is supposed, however, that the train broke apart when coming down the heavy grade at Preston st. crossing and that the hind part than smashed into tbe front part. At all events the train came together with a tremendous crash.
Five of the box car were thrown off the track and very badly damaged. Heavy oak "stringers" were snapped and heavy iron bars twisted into all shapes. All the cars were jammed together more or less and a number of them were wrenched from their trucks. The "jam" extended from near Division street, passed Rochester and Division to Le Breton.


Among the box car destroyed were three loaded with sheep. In all 600 animals were aboard, but only 18 were killed. As soon as the accident happened the train hands broke into the sheep cars and liberated the sheep. They went wild through the country. All were recovered but 15. It may be said that a number of the dead sheep were sold at prices ranging from 40 cent to a dollar apiece. No one was injured.
Immediately after tbe accident a large number of men were set at work on the wreck. They worked all Saturday night and all day Sunday until 5:20 p.m.and succeeded in clearing the track in time to avoid any interference with the ordinary traffic. It was fortunate for the company that the accident happened on Saturday night instead of on a week night.
Two ballast train coming down tho line were delayed beyond Preston st by the accident until the track was cleared.
An immense crowd visited the scene ot the accident yesterday. All trains were running O K this morning.

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