Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1887, 22 April - Locomotive and thirteen cars derail, Grand Trunk Railway, Morrisburg, two fatalities.

Ottawa Journal - Monday 25 April 1887

Brockville. April 25. By persistent and almost superhuman work on the part of the regular road staff assisted by scores of willing volunteers the bodies of the engineer and fireman killed on tbe Grand Trunk at Morrisburg on Friday morning were recovered late in the afternoon. Stewart's body was in sight of those working for hours before it was possible to get at it without removing a vast pile ot wreckage whicn had tumbled into the gorge. When found he was sitting in an almost natural position in tbe cab seat. His face had been very little injured, but his body and limbs were considerably crushed and mangled. - Tender hands carried the body to the bank and the search was then continued for Clark the fireman. The latter was also found in tbe cab but presented a  horrible spectacle. The poor fellow had been jammed close on to the boiler head and in addition to being horrribly mangled was scalded beyond recognition. Bcth bodies were at once taken to Morrisburg and duuring the night brought to their homes here
It is impossible yet to accurately estimate the loss to tbe railway company, but it will certainly be heavy. The bridge is a wreck as are also the thirteen cars, but it is thought the engine can be made available for service. Transfers are still necessary, though a large force of men are busily engaged in the construction of a temporary wooden bridge,

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