Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1887, September 26 - A passenger train derails and burns when the track is destroyed by brush fires at Eastman Springs (now Carlsbad Springs), Canada Atlantic.
 All four passenger cars turned over and burned.

Ottawa Journal  27 September 1887

Part of a Canada Atlantic Train Derailed and Burnt.
4.50 p.m. express to Montreal (engine and tender, baggage car, smoker and mail car, second class car, first class car and Pullman). 
Derailed and turned on their sides just beyond Eastman's Springs.
Engine, tender and baggage car got over the break but the rest soon caught fire - bush fires in the neighbourhood.
Passengers returned to Eastman's Springs in the caboose of a freight train which was following.
The four cars left at the wreck were completely burned.

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