Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1884, September 20 - Derailment at Renfrew, Canadian Pacific, 1 killed.

The Equity, Bryson 2 Oct 1884

Arnprior Chronicle.  The freight train going north had just left Renfrew station - when a terrible accident occurred, resulting in the death of Wellington W. Edey, the fireman.-- Just about the Renfrew station there is a switch leading into the lumber yard of Mr. Martin Russell, and it was at this point that the accident occurred.  The engineer states that on arriving at this switch the forward trucks of the locomotive took the side track, while the driving wheels kept the main line.  This twisted the locomotive around sideways, when the tender broke loose from the engine, and with the rest of the train kept on down the main track until it reached a cattle guard about 20 yards further on, when something connected with the tender dropped down into the pit and impeded its progress, and the remainder of the train was derailed, several cars being piled up into a heap and smashed into splinters.  The engine was thrown over on its side and badly wrecked.  Mr. Cherrier, the engineer, stated that he was on the look out with his hand on the throttle and could see nothing wrong with the track ahead.  More.

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