Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1881, August 13 - Locomotive derailed after hitting a cow, Prescott, Grand Trunk, 1 killed, 7 injured.

Ottawa Citizen August 15

Prescott.  The No. 4 express fom Montreal to Toronto passed here at her usual time, 2.20 a.m. having a large train of coaches well filled.  After leaving this station and when passing the semaphore west of the station, the cowcatcher caught a cow which was one of three or four on the track and carried her along the track about three or four hundred feet to the first crossing west of town.  The cow was carried over the cattleguards to the east side of the public road , but fell partially into that on the west side of the road, lifting the engine off the track and throwing it over the slight embankment to the south side of the railway.  The engine lies a perfect wreck with all its upper furnishings twisted off.  The engineer Howarth, held heroically to his place and was found a mangled corpse, partly under the engine with one hand around the whistle and the escaping steam pouring forth on his side.

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