Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1881, 19 January - St. Lawrence and Ottawa passenger train is derailed at Osgoode

Ottawa Times 2 January 1881

What might have proved to be a very serious accident occurred on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway yesterday morning shortly after six o'clock about a mile south of Osgoode.  At this point, a portion of the morning train, due here at six o'clock, consisting of the first and the second class coaches and the Pullman, jumped the track, owing to a broken rail, the cars being thrown into a ditch.  There were quite a number of passengers on the train among whom were --
Fortunately but very few persons were injured and their wounds were dressed by the medical gentlemen mentioned.  
When the report of the accident reached the city, Mr. A.G. Peden, Superintendent of he company, ordered a special train to proceed to the scene of the accident for the purpose of bringing the passengrs to the city.  Dr. Brouse and Hon. John Carling accompanied Mr. Peden on the special train, the former taking with him the necessary material for the relief of the injured passengers, who arrived here shortly after 9 o'clock.
The passengers on the overturned cars has a most miraculous escape, an entrance having to be forced to afford them egress.  Had the cas taken fire it is impossible to say what the result would have been, but it would undoubtedly have been attended with great loss of life.

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