Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1869, March 20 - Two Incidents to Passenger Trains on the Brockville and Ottawa Railway

Almonte Gazette 26 March 1869

BROKEN CAR WHEEL. - The evening train on the B. & O. road, on Saturday last met with an accident, by the breaking of a wheel of the tender, which delayed it until Sunday morning. An engine, from Sand Point finally arrived, and brought the train through.

HAY BURNED. - On Saturday evening last, as the train was nearing Smith's Falls station, some sparks from the engine communicated fire to a car load of hay.As soon as the fire was discovered, the train was stopped and the cars uncoupled, but the fire had gained such headway that little could be done to stay its progress, and the whole two car loads - about ten tons - was speedily consumed. The cars were not much damaged. Loss, two hundred dollars. The employees and passengers deserve credit for the manner in which they labored to extinguish the fire. But for their exertions the whole train might have been consumed.

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