Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1859, December 2 - Brockville and Ottawa Railway train hits a handcar. Three deaths.

Perth Courier of Friday, December 9, 1859

ACCIDENT ON THE B. & O. RAILWAY— THREE MEN KILLED — On Friday Evening last,  as the mail train going North, on the Brockville and Ottawa Railway, had got about five miles from Brockville, it ran down a hand car, on which were four men, three of whom were killed. The names of  the killed are Cook, Dixon, and Wylie, section-men employed on the railroad — the fourth man, Connors, jumped off just before the collision, and ran away. The men, it is said, had gone to Brockville on the hand-car, and got on a spree, and were returning home when they were overtaken by the regular train. The men, we understand, had families. The train, immediately after the accident, returned to Brockville with the bodies, where an inquest was held the following day. No blame can be attached to the Engineer, or anyone connected with the train, as the night was dark and stormy, and the hand-car was not seen until the train was close up to it, when all efforts to stop in time were of no avail. The accident can be attributed to nothing but the most culpable carelessness or want of thought on the part of those on the hand-car, as they (being employees on the road) must have known the exact time when the regular train would pass along.

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