Canadian Pacific Water  Facilities in the Ottawa - Smiths Falls Area

These notes have been prepared by Andrew Jeanes and Colin Churcher with input from many members of the Ottawa Railway History Circle

Montreal and Ottawa subdivision
Vaudreuil, QCSee Winchester subdivision
Rigaud, QC40,000 closed octagonal
From LAC RG12 vol. 1880 file 3268-74 10 December 1896
At Rigaud water tank 40,000 gals is erected and in operation.
This former is supplied by steam pump .
8 December 1897
Water service at Rigaud is in process of completion. I mentioned in my previous report that the company proposed to adopt the gravitation system procuring their supply from the municipal council of the village of Rigaud. When the matter came up before the Council the amount was so exorbitant that the railway company abandoned the project. The company is now setting up a water service of its own on the windmill pumping system.
The windmill is in place at station 870. The tower is 40ft high to main platform with a subsidiary tower10ft 6 inches high sustaining the axle of the mill or a total elevation above the surface of 50' 6". The windmill is 20 feet diameter.
The tank which is flash (?) proof is in process of construction. Gives details of supports etc. 24,000 gal capacity. Ontario Pump Company expected to have it completed within ten or fourteen days. It is almost certain it will be ready by Christmas. The company's train services are in the meantime being supplied from the temporary tank near Hudson on the gravitation principle referred to in my former report
Hudson, QCTemporary tank - see entry for Rigaud
Vankleek Hill, ON
C. Robert Craig photo, CRCML
At Vankleek Hill water tank 40,000 gals is erected and in operation.
This is by gravitation.
(RG12 vol. 1880 file 3268-74 - 10 December 1896)

Eastern Ontario Review  23 September 1898
The have put in a second tank and stand pipe at the station here.  The company now has an abundant supply of water here.
Plantagenet, ON
Old Time Trains, Collection of Douglas P. Birchill
Enclosed wood-base (tanks of this design were probably originally built at all water stops on the M&O Subdivision)
Leonard, ON
Cumberland Township Historical Society
All steel
Ottawa Journal  20 May 1898
Water is secured from the Bear brook, 6,000 feet away, and a 40,000 gallon tank has been erected at Leonard.

From LAC RG12 vol. 1880 file 3268-74 25 August 1898
At Leonard station a 40,000 gal water tank has been erected and is in use.
Hurdman Employee tinetable reference only. Water is shown available until timetable #51 of 25 October 1959. No water shown in timetable #52 of  24 April 1960 - Bruce Chapman.
Hull, QCEmployee tinetable reference only. Water is shown available until timetable #52 of 24 April 1960. No water shown in timetable #53 of 30 October 1960 - Bruce Chapman.

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