Canadian Pacific Water  Facilities in the Ottawa - Smiths Falls Area

These notes have been prepared by Andrew Jeanes and Colin Churcher with input from many members of the Ottawa Railway History Circle
Brockville subdivision
Brockville, William Street
20,000 gal. enclosed octagonal  Matt-6246 taken in 1950
Brockville Field Engine HousePhil Jago writes, October 2020  In addition to the 20,000 octagonal water tank at William Street in Brockville, the map of CPR track at the Field siding/engine house in Brockville also indicated the presence of a 40,000 gallon tank.  I wonder if it was removed when the shop was demolished and then the 20,000 gallon one built as a replacement.
BallamyPerth Courier 3 April 1868. (excerpt from B&O annual report for 1867) …the tank-houses at Bellamy’s and Almonte were destroyed by fire, and had to be rebuilt
Smiths FallsSee Winchester sub.

Updated 3 October 2020

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