Canadian Pacific Water  Facilities in the Ottawa - Smiths Falls Area

These notes have been prepared by Andrew Jeanes and Colin Churcher with input from many members of the Ottawa Railway History Circle
Belleville subdivision
Smiths FallsSee Winchester sub
Perth, ON40,000 gal., stone masonry base, built 1899
"At Chatham, Locust Hill, Perth and Dalhousie Mills, Ont., Sherbrooke, Magog & Scotstown, Que., 40,000 gal. water tanks are being built on masonry understructures"
(The Railway and Shipping World, Nov 1899, p323)

Perth Courier 2 November1883 p3
TANK-BUILDING - On Tuesday evening Mr. Jas. K. Faulkener, tank builder in the Perth carshops, set out to put up the necessary tanks along the line of the Ontario & Quebec Railway, probably twelve or fourteen in all. The parts of these tanks have been under construction here for some time, under Mr. Faulkener's supervision, and his errand now is to put them together in their place. These tanks do not freeze up in winter, being provided with double bottom and hot air chamber, with a pipe twelve inches diameter running up through the water in the tank from a coal furnace below. Mr. F. expects to be two or three months at the work, and in the meantime portable tanks, worked by a hand pump can be used if wanted. A large number of tanks for the C. P. R. have been built at the Perth shops.
Perth Courier 21 December 1883. All the water tanks for different stations along the line are also being built at Perth, they being turned out at the rate of one a week.
Perth Courier 13 June 1884 p3
TANKS - four tanks for the Ontario and Quebec Railway, and seven for the Nipissing extension of the C.P.R. are being built at the Perth car shops.
Renfrew Mercury 1 September 1899
The stone is on the ground for the foundation for the new water tank at the C.P.R. depot.  The ravages of time are telling on the one used at present, and besides the company has decided to have the water supplied to the tank from the waterworks.  The new structure will be a substantial one.
Perth Courier 27 October 1899. WATERWORKS FOR C.P.R. PROPERTY – the C.P.R. managers have signed a ten year contract with the Water Company here (The Canadian Electric and Water Power Co.) for a supply of water for the carshops, the engine-tank and the station, and workmen are now engaged in digging the main trenches and putting in the pipe. The carshops will be gridironed with waterpipes and well supplied with hydrants, so that for the uses of the shops and fire protection there will be ample provision. The old water-tank at the station will be replaced by a bigger and better one, the stone foundation of the new one being much higher and stronger. It is calculated that the company will require here about 25,000 gallons per day.
Crow Lake, ON
Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society
40,000 gal., enclosed octagonal, built 1913 (1st)
All-steel, possibly built circa 1923 (2nd)
"Standard No. 1 enclosed water tanks will be built at Crow Lake, Wilkinson, Roblin, Colborne, Cobourg, Newtonville, Bowmanville, Agincourt, and Whitby."
(Canadian Railway and Marine World, Aug 1913, p386)
"Ten all-steel water tanks from 40,000 to 100,000 gall. capacity have been erected at various points." (Canadian Railway and Marine World, Dec 1923, p575)
At Crow Lake a steel water tank will be built (Canadian Railway and Marine World 1 Jul 1927 p411)
Wilkinson, ON
40,000 gal., enclosed octagonal, built 1913
Roblindale, ON40,000 gal., enclosed octagonal, built 1913
No photo
Shannonville, ON1921 employee timetable reference only, no other information
Trenton, ON
40,000 gal., enclosed octagonal, built 1913
"The buildings to be erected at Trenton include…standard no. 1 enclosed tank of 40,000 gals. capacity.”
(Canadian Railway and Marine World, Aug 1913, p386)

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