Canadian National Railways Water Facilities

These notes have been prepared by Andrew Jeanes, Doug Wilson and Colin Churcher and members of the Ottawa Railway History Circle
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Beachburg Subdivision
Ottawa,Mann Avenue
RG 46 vol. 1428 File 20309    
 " On 20 May 1914 an Inspector visited the area  The railway intended to put in a siding and water tank at Dunrobin.
 28 May 1914 letter from CNOR saying that water was better for boiler purposes at m. 23.6 than at m. 22 (they had had samples analyzed by University of Toronto and that a majority of people were in favour of m. 23.6. The company was in the process of preparing plans and a new application for approval of this site.
Hearing was held on Friday 17 Jul 1914. Application was for a station and water tank on north side just to the east of the town line road between Torbolton and March twps. on lot 27. Judgement was reserved and the area was visited by Mr George Spencer, Chief Operating Officer on 24 Jul 1914. "
On 14 Aug 1914 order 22399 was issued refusing the application for a station at m. 23.6

From Malcolm Vant
The Dunrobin water tank was wood and located a bit closer to Ottawa than Dunrobin, near a creek. There is a creek about 1 km east along the Beachburg from where Thomas Dolan Parkway crosses the tracks and where the station now resides.

From  Chris Gardner via Malcolm Vant
I had a good chat with George.  He tells me that the water tank was a bit closer to Ottawa near the station and that it was made of wood.  He says that  a big hole was dug down below the house and about a 12’  crib put in so water would drain into it from the creek and then be pumped into the tank.  The tank was destroyed when Johnny Wilson’s horse was hit by the train and knocked into the tank and it was never rebuilt.  George can remember as a 5 or 6 year old watching the CN remove the big heavy water pump and drag it up to the track and load it - so this suggests that the tank was knocked down probably in the early to mid 1930s.
Tank can be seen in the far distance Matt-3030
WestmeathRenfrew Mercury 16 July 1915
---The large water tank here is almost completed---
Lake Traverse

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