Canadian National Railways Water Facilities

These notes have been prepared by Andrew Jeanes, Doug Wilson and Colin Churcher and members of the Ottawa Railway History Circle

Alexandria Subdivision (inc CAR and GTR)
MaxvilleRG 12 vols 1791 and 1792 file 3268-48 CAR subsidy
4 May 1885 from J.R. Booth to Minister
Tank west of Maxville $2,500
AlexandriaOttawa Free Press 16 October 1883
The Canada Atlantic Railway have purchased 40 acres of land adjoining their station at Alexandria from the Hon. D.A. MacDonald, the consideration being $3,000.  Having found the old tank inadequate to the requirements of the large number of engines that take water at that station, the company will put up on the property a new and a larger tank which will be fed from a stream about half a mile away. 
Ottawa Free Press 30 October 1883
The tank at Alexandria, for which the Canada Atlantic Railway purchased 40 acres of land, is being run up with great rapidity.  Still the company will have difficulty in finishing it before the frost sets in.  A very substantial brick engine house has been nearly completed about three acres away from the station house

RG 12 vols 1791 and 1792 file 3268-48 CAR subsidy
4 May 1885 from J.R. Booth to Minister
Additional tank at Alexandria $2,000

Ottawa Citizen 25 September 1931
Highway Blocked. Highway No. 34. between Alexandria and Lancaster, was blocked for four hours last night when four large cedar trees were torn out by the wind and fell across the road. The water tank at the station at Alexandria was struck by lightning and some of the boards split but no serious damage was done.

CAR train at Alexandria 1895,  LAC PA 185567

CN 6153 at Alexandria 4 September 1960
CasselmanEastern Ontario Review 24 October 1899
Mr. Coupel has just entered upon his contract to supply the tank with water. This is a new arrangement as up to the present the company have had their own pump house engineer.Mr Lisle Rice, who has had charge of the C.A.R. pumphouse here for several years leaves for Ottawa this week,
RG 30 vol. 218 Canada Atlantic Minute Books
Minutes of Directors' Meeting 26 September 1910

Renewals pipes to tank Casselman $1,011.45
From CNR 5 October 1958 RG 46 vol 1573 file 24619
We have station toilet facilities at Casselman, one for men and one for women. Water for these facilities, since the tank at Casselman was discontinued, is pumped from a well at the east end of the station.
South Indian
Ottawa Journal 6 October 1897
Fire at Casselman and South Indian.  --- Station and water tank at South Indian destroyed. ---
Ottawa Mann Ave
Matt-2188 1961

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