Last Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives to Operate out of Ottawa

Notes by Bruce Chapman
from an examination of Ottawa West train dispatch books.  This is preceeded by an article by Duncan H. du Fresne.

Steaming into Eternity, or the Last Days of Steam Power at Ottawa West

Recently, while doing a bit of photo captioning for fellow BRS member John Frayne in one of his well kept albums of railway photographs, I was reminded of a significant and historic event in local railway history while examining a half dozen black and white SxlOs I had taken back in 1959. Many Ottawa-area BRS members know that Canadian Pacific's last regularly scheduled steam powered train out of Ottawa Union Station operated on September 27 and 28, 1959, and these were the photographs John had asked me to caption. The train was the Waltham, Quebec, mixed train No. 543-542, powered by D4 class 4-6-0 No. 425. While this was C.P.'s last regularly scheduled steam powered train to operate here there were occasions after that date when C.P. steam locomotives either operated out of, or into, Ottawa West.

One of our U.S. members, Dr. Tom Garrett of Brooklyn, New York, a former Ottawa resident, recently wrote me to ask if I could provide him with detailed information on the track layout around the Hurdman interlocking plant, both C.P. and C.N., during the steam era. Now, this is not my area of expertise so I requested the help of an expert, the one and only Bruce Chapman. I say "one and only" because Bruce has to be one of the most obliging people I've ever met and if he can help, he will. Bruce is also an expert on the railways around Ottawa from his earliest days as a young railway enthusiast and subsequent C.P. Operator. Although currently working in Toronto for the St. Lawrence & Hudson Railway, ensuring that appropriate motive power is provided across the StL&H system, he has not forgotten his roots, is as enthusiastic as ever, and my guess is that he's even thinking about retirement. In any event, my request to Bruce for help was answered immediately with track layout drawings and photographs as well as two Ottawa West locomotive despatch log books for December 1959 and the first few months of 1960. So Bruce was not only solving one of my problems, he was providing me with some additional information which has prompted me to write this Tid Bit. Just what C.P. steam power did operate after that historic September 27-28, 1959, trip of the 425 on the Waltham branch?

As it turns out, quite a bit. Unfortunately, not a single Royal Hudson put in an appearance, (what was left of them were running out their last miles in C.P.'s Montreal suburban service). C.P.'s ubiquitous D10 4-6-0s were conspicuous by their absence, as were any more operations by the D4s. One of the G5, 1200 series 4-6-2's, #1262, sat near the Ottawa West roundhouse in late-1959 awaiting her last run, dead, to eternity in Montreal. That day came on December 7, 1959, when the 1262 left on North Shore through freight No. 74, hauled by RS-3 diesel-electric 8426, in charge of Montreal engineer Leo. Viau and fireman H. Beaudry. On December 28, 1959, however, surprise-surprise, the 1262 was back in Ottawa, alive and well, you might say she'd been resurrected, she'd been given a short reprieve from her ultimate fate, - scrapping. She came back on the same North Shore through freight only this time she was providing the motive power with the same engine crew of Viau and Beaudry.

O.K., let's jump ahead to February 19, 1960, and North Shore train No. 74, you get only one guess and you're right, the 1262 was, once again, providing the motive power and, once again, the engine crew was Viau and Beaudry. Even at this late date the 1262 was to have one last "kick at the can" at Ottawa West. Three days later, on February 22,1960, she left Ottawa West, for the last time, as the engine assigned to M&O sub. through freight No. 76 for Montreal. She did not return. Her crew on her last trip down the M&O was a couple of old friends of mine, engineer Stuart "Buck" Gilchrist and fireman Stan. Belland. Not only was this the 1262's last trip out of Ottawa but it was the last steam powered train on C.P. out of Ottawa, closing out a history that began on Christmas Day in 1854, the inaugural trip of the Bytown and Prescott Railway.

This particular G5 brings back memories for me for I had lots of trips up and down the Lachute sub. (the North Shore) with the 1262 on the daily passenger trains where she was one of the regularly assigned engines. The 1200s were ideally suited to those jobs with the requirement to make many quick stops and starts, and the 1200's ability to accelerate briskly and make smooth stops with their 8 ET brake equipment. Not yet 15 years old, still in excellent mechanical shape, the 1262 and her sisters, which were fine engines in my opinion, were going to be cut up for scrappers dollars! Sort of makes you wonder, doesn't it? But times were a'changin'.

Class G5c Pacific 1262 was built by the Canadian Locomotive Company of Kingston, Ontario, in November 1946, based on a very much modernized design of CPR light Pacifies that went back to 1906. Seen here at Ottawa West, the 1262 has less than two years left before her date with the scrapper in June 1961. What a shame these most modern of North American light Pacifies had such a short life span. Photo by John Frayne.

We're getting a little bit ahead of our story, however. On December 4th, 1959, PI class 2-8-2 5152, which had been working out of Ottawa West for some time, left, dead, on train No. 74 behind Alco diesel-electric "FA-1" unit 4002 in charge of, who else, Viau and Beaudry again for her date with destiny in Montreal. One little Tid Bit I remember about Leo. Viau was that he could put a steel soft drink bottle cap between his thumb and index finger and press it in half with no great effort. Try that one sometime! The following day G5 1267, another Ottawa West "resident", was ordered for 7:00 PM to handle a freight extra over to Smiths Falls, via the Carleton Place and Chalk River subs., with Charlie Weston as engineer and G. Gervais as fireman.

On December 6, G5 1226 left Ottawa West for Smiths Falls on freight train No. 89. Only a few years earlier this job would have got, quite frequently, a light 5100 series, or heavy 5300-5400 series, 2-8-2. On this occasion engineer Frank Dixon and fireman Aurel Couvrette got the nod.

It was December llth before another steam engine operated at Ottawa West and, you might know, it was on North Shore train No. 74. This time it was PI 5168, a stranger to this area, in charge of our old friends Viau and Beaudry. Three days later, on December 14, Viau and Beaudry left Ottawa West with PI 5102 on train 74 with dead D10 899 in tow for her date with a scrapper in Montreal. Right about now Viau and Beaudry must have been getting a complex!

By this time just about all the jobs out of Ottawa West were diesel powered, however, Lachute sub. train No. 74 seemed to be the exception. Not only was it still frequently steam powered, but it seemed to be moving most of the dead steam engines to Montreal. On December 16, 1959, once again train 74 left Ottawa West with the 5102 on the head end. Engineer Viau must have booked off, for the engineer was a Montreal-based man by the name of Robillard. I can't remember him for some reason, but fireman Beaudry was still on the job.

December 17, 1959, was a good day for G5 1227. She went out in the morning on the Frescott wayfreight, No. 94, with George Frankland as engineer and my old buddy, Keith Post, as fireman. Keith and I had served as principal witnesses for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Enginemen during the court case over the use of firemen on diesel-electric locomotives. Keith, leaving C.P. several years after I did, ultimately became the Director General of Operations for the Canadian Transport Commission, but that's another story. Later in the day the 1227 went out again on train 293, the Maniwaki passenger, which had been ordered for 6:45 PM. This time the crew was a Montreal engineer named R. Belanger, whom I don't remember, while the fireman was Elwood Sloan's kid brother. There wasn't much rest for the 1227 the following morning for she no sooner got in from Maniwaki than she went right back again on 293 with Belanger and Bob Tate as fireman. Bob was much later to become the road foreman of engines on the Smiths Falls Division. He and I got together in 1990 on the very successful BRS 1201 excursion from Ottawa to Brockville with yours truly acting as the Society's road foreman and master mechanic. It was great fun!

December 21st, 1959, saw two 1200s out on the road. The 1271 went east on the North Shore with train No. 74. Once again the engine crew was Leo. Viau and H. Beaudry. The 1226 went out on the Maniwaki passenger, train 293, with Belanger and Tate on the engine.

Two days before Christmas, Viau and Beaudry on train No. 74, got the 1264 for power, while Belanger and Tate went back to Maniwaki on the 1227 as train No. 293. A major event, in my humble opinion, took place the following afternoon, Christmas Eve. The last run out of Ottawa of one of C.P.'s justly famous Hudsons took place. Hlb Hudson 2816 left for Montreal with M&O sub. passenger train No. 234. The engineer was a very senior Harvey King, who lived near Thurso, Quebec, and the fireman, an equally senior Chester Shellhorn, who, in the 1970s, frequently ran the National Museum of Science and Technology/ National Capital Commission/BRS excursion trains out of Ottawa with ex-C.P. D10 1057 and our ever popular 1201.

Of even greater interest, I think, is that Harvey King was the engineer on the very first trip of the westbound "Canadian" on April 24, 1955, between Ottawa (CD) and Chalk River (RV). Eugene Piehe was the fireman on that trip. Not too many years later Eugene retired as an engineer on the "Canadian" after running the job from Chalk River to Ottawa Union Station (CD). And if this isn't enough, the 2816 didn't get torched, she ended up in the collection at Steamtown, U.S.A., formerly at Bellows Falls, Vermont, and now at Scranton, Pennsylvania.
December 28, 1959, saw the 1227 once again on the Maniwaki passenger. This time engineer Belanger had our old friend Bert. Canning as his fireman. Many BRS members will remember Bert, running 1201 fairly frequently and later still, running the Hull, Chelsea and Wakefield's Swedish built 2-8-0 909 out of Hull, Quebec, as well as their equally Swedish, G.M. powered diesel-electric "helper".

CPR Hudson (4-6-4), class H1b, No. 2818 is the identical sister to the 2816 mentioned in the article. The 2818 was photographed by the late Hugh Stowell in the 1950s on the shop track at Smiths Falls, Ontario. Any superlatives I might add to what many experts before me have written about these fine locomotives are not required. The 2816 (and the 2818) were built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in December 1930 to specifications laid down by CPR's motive power design team headed by Chief of Motive Power & Rolling Stock, Henry Blaine Bowen. Could it be that the Hudsons, Royal and not-so-Royal, alike (as well as their equally splendid T1 Selkirk 2-10-4s) were Canada's finest examples of steam motive power?

At 11:00 AM on December 29, a plow was sent out to clear the Prescott sub. The power was G5 Pacific 1226, with my very good friend Eugene Piche as engineer and Smiths Falls fireman Gerry Mahoney doing the honours. Later on the same day, at 9:45 PM, a second plow was ordered out on the Prescott sub. to work down as far as Bedell. The tireless, and amiable, Eugene Piche went out again, this time with Alan Patterson. Al. and I used to fire the spare list together. His father, Stan., as well as brothers Bill and Charlie were all company engineers, and either one of us worked with Stan. and his brothers. Train 293 went back to Maniwaki on December 29 with the 1227 once again, but with Ken. Cope running and a fireman named Hall, whom I did not know.

The last day of 1959 saw the 1226 and the 1227 running. The 1226, with engineer Lome Black (the last engineer I fired for when I left C.P.), and fireman Keith Post, went out to Prescott on the wayfreight, train No. 94. The 1227 went back to Maniwaki on the evening passenger job with Gordie "Toe-Joe" Alien as engineer and Charlie Smith as fireman. Charlie Smith left the Ottawa area shortly after and started all over again with C.P. out of Revelstoke, B.C. Charlie was often seen as an engineer on the "Rogers Pusher" by many eastern rail fans whom Charlie used to ask if they knew Duncan du Fresne in Ottawa, his home town. Charlie and I are now old friends and I last visited with him in Revelstoke during 1994. I was one who encouraged Charlie to get on the fireman's spare list in the early '50s while he was a shop labourer.

There were no steam operations on New Year's Day 1960, but the following day saw the 1227 go back to Maniwaki on the evening passenger, train 293, with spare engineer "Kip" Casselman and fireman Gerry Mahoney. The 1227 came back to Ottawa on January 3, 1960, for the last time, and ended C.P. steam operations on the branch.
Also, on January 3, 1960, a rather strange combination of power was despatched from Ottawa West to Smiths Falls on train 89, the midnight "paper" train. The 1227 was the road engine with two diesel units, RS-18 8765 and RS-10 8469, however, the diesel units had no crew on board and were left in idle. The crew on the 1227 was engineer Frank Dixon and fireman Elwood Sloan.

The following day saw another milestone event. G3 heavy Pacific 2398 came to town to be sent out on train No. 83, the early evening freight to Smiths Falls, ordered for 8:30 PM. She stood outside the roundhouse on one of the "garden" tracks during the day which was, fortunately, nice and bright with a white snow cover over the filthy ground. Tom Hughes, the Locomotive Foreman, 'phoned my friend Hugh Stowell, one of the founders of the old Ottawa Branch of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association, to let him know the engine was there. Hughie rushed over with his camera and took a fine photograph of the 2398 dressed in C.P.'s tuscan red, grey, black and gold trim livery, she looked beautiful. As I look at that photograph now I must say that I, somewhat reluctantly, have to admire C.P. for keeping their better power looking like that right till the bitter end. Having worked with the 2398 years earlier all I can say is that she, and her sister G3s, were fine steam locomotives. Carmen Gillespie and Bill Nevins got the honour of taking the 2398 over to Smiths Falls that evening, the last of those beautiful engines ever to leave Ottawa West.

January 6, 1960. G5 Pacific 1270 went out on the North Shore to Montreal with train No. 74 with, once again, Viau and Beaudry. The following day another unusual power combination took place on train No. 89. G5 1226 doubleheaded with diesel units 8474 and 8568. This time there was a crew on the diesels, Eugene Piche was the engineer with Charlie Lacasse as fireman. The 1226 was run by Smiths Falls engineer Joe. Graham with Gerry Mahoney doing the firing.

P1 e Mikado 5152 began life looking very much different than we see here at Ottawa West at the end of a long and productive life. Built by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1913 as No. 5052, she was a very much modified 2-8-2 by the end of her life. Never placed before the public in a heros role, these work-a-day engines nonetheless performed admirably for CPR and were considered by those of use who earned our living on them to be "good" engines. Photo by John Frayne.

There were no further steam operations until January 18, 1960, when the 1270 went out on North Shore train No. 74 with Viau and Beaudry. They were ordered for 5:30 AM. They did it again on January 20 and 22, both times with the 1264. Then Viau and Beaudry got diesels on that job until February 19, 1960, when their luck ran out, depending on your point of view, and they got our old friend the 1262 on the job as mentioned earlier.

This is the end of the story. It was also the end of steam locomotives on C.P. at Ottawa West, and pretty much the end of steam on the railways of Canada. It was also the end of a way of life, a way of railroading, getting on to the end of the branchline, the end of passenger trains as we knew them for over a century, and definitely the end of a lot of jobs both out on the railway and in the shops. A whole new era was dawning.

Just to put some of the above in perspective let me give you a sampling of some of the diesel units that were running during that last month of 1959 and the first two months of 1960. I feel this is important as so many of those diesels have now been retired and replaced with newer, more powerful, and more efficient units to run on fewer and fewer miles of railway. Some of the yard jobs got S-3 6552, S-lls 6620 and 6621, RS-2 8401 and RS-l0s 8472 and 8587 and others, but not all at the same time, while 1000 horsepower Alco-GE yard goat S-2 7028, an Ottawa West fixture for so many years, rumbled on daily. FA-1 4018 and FPA-2s 4082, 4096 and 4097 made their appearance known. RS-3 8433 and RS-10 8587 worked on train No. 83. FA-2 4087 and RS-3 8464 went out on Toronto passenger train No. 33. RS-18 8798 went to Prescott on train No. 94. Switching at the mill in Gatineau was done with RS-18 8784. FP7As 1400 and 1422, and FP9A 1410s and 1413 worked on the M&O to Montreal and Chalk River as did RS-l0s 8479 and 8482. North Shore train No. 86 got RS-18s 8729, 8759 and 8776. Various RDC units were in use by this time and their numbers are unrecorded in the despatch book. They were running on the North Shore, up to Chalk River and on the Maniwaki. There were many, many more units recorded in and out of Ottawa West at this time but the interesting thing to note is that the vast majority of these were ALCO/MLW products, - times were about to change here too but that's another story.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone familiar with Canadian National at Ottawa East would come along with something like what I've just gone through for C.P., so that we could all learn about the end of their steam operations here. If I'm not mistaken I used to see one of their K-3 class light Pacific's on the Barry's Bay branch, might have been the 5579 or perhaps the 5587, but in any event it was right near the end of C.N. steam here. Anyone want to take on the job?

Tid Bits by Duncan H. du Fresne, Bytown Railway Society, Branchline, May 1997.

The last steam locomotive in regular service out of Ottawa West was February 22nd, 1960 on a freight train over the M&O subdivision to Montreal via Hurdman.
The items are listed chronologically by subdivision.  You may either go through the listing or use the links to the subdivisions below:
Carleton Place
Lachute (includes Buckingham)
M and O (Montreal and Ottawa)
Sussex Street

Carleton Place subdivision.

Thursday January 8, on this date #89 went to Smiths Falls with 8779-8740-8705-8701 and steamer 5175 dead.
Tuesday, February 10th, #263 to Brockville had the 1226. The same day, 3408 was the engine that switched the Scott Street industries.
Wednesday, February 11th was the last time that the afternoon pool train #263 had steam with 1270, ordered for 1445. The same day, a snowplow to Smiths Falls had engine 1223 ordered for 0745.
Friday, February 13th, train #10, which was an all-stops local passenger train from Sudbury to Montreal, handling mail, baggage and express, had Chapleau engine 2427, and it looks like it went right through to Montreal.  He was ordered east from Ottawa at 1005.
Saturday, February 14th, there was a train 1#89, steam locomotive 1231, ordered for 2330 to Smiths Falls.
Monday, February 16th, #265 to Chalk River had a Chapleau-assigned steam locomotive 2427. It must have changed off at Chalk River, as I don't see it going anywhere else.
Wednesday to Friday, February 18th-20th (incl), 3408 was on the yard job switching Scott Street, ordered for 0800.
Thursday, February 19th, 1255 was on a snowplow to Smiths Falls, ordered for 1530.
Tuesday, February 24th, the last steam-powered snowplow ran along Scott Street with a Smiths Falls D-10 #840 at 0200.
Tuesday, March 10th, #89 to Smiths Falls was doubleheaded; diesels 8738-8771-8778, and steam locomotive 2811.
Saturday, March 14th, the yard engine that would switch Scott Street was 3408, but we seldom saw him venture out of the yard on the weekend.
Saturday, March 21st, #261 to Brockville had 1267 at 0920.
Sunday, March 22nd, #89, freight to Smiths Falls had 2219, a Smiths Falls engine returning home, at 2346.
Friday, March 27th, #261 to Brockville had 1267 ordered for 0920.
Saturday, March 28th,  #265 to Chalk River had 1270 ordered for 1720.
Sunday, March 29th, #89, night freight to Smiths Falls had steam locomotive #2207, a Smiths Falls engine going home ordered for 2346.
Monday -Tuesday, March 30th & 31st,  1270  used on the morning Brockville pool train #261 ordered for 0920.
Saturday, April 18th,  1270 was the power on the morning Brockville Pool train #261, ordered for 0920.  Last run of steam on this train.
Thursday - Friday, May 14th & 15th, #265 had 1270 ordered for 1745. (Victoria Day weekend).
Wednesday, May 20th,  CNR detoured several trains up and down Scott Street due to a derailment west of Ottawa, including their #1, #2 and #3.  They were all dieselized.
Friday, May 22nd,  #265 to Chalk River had 1270 ordered for 1625.  
Wednesday, May 27th, 1#83 had 1270 ordered for 1840.
Thursday, June 5th, 1#83 had 1270, ordered for 1845, and regular #83 had 2821 ordered for 1925.
Friday, June 6th, 899 was on the yard job that switched the Scott Street industries.
Friday, June 12th, 1#83 had 1227, ordered for 1845.
Friday, June 26th, #83, evening freight to Smiths Falls had a ‘Royal Hudson’ 2841 ordered for 2000.
Sunday, June 28th, #89 freight to Smiths Falls had steam locomotive 1255 ordered for 2350.
Monday, July 6th, #265 had a steam locomotive, but the operator (expletive deleted)just wrote 'steam' in the book with no engine number.
Friday, July 31st, #265 passenger to Chalk River had 1227 with my uncle, Ben Chapman, as engineer, ordered for 1615. (Civic Holiday weekend)
Thursday, August 27th, a D-10 steam engine #899 was the last one used as a switcher along Scott Street to switch various industries, like Beach Foundry, Independent Coal and Lumber, Westboro team track and Leafloors Coal out where Kristie's Restaurant is.  I don't know if it went very far up Scott Street; it depended upon who needed a switch.
Thursday, September 17th, t#265, normally a Budd Car, to Chalk River had 1227.  My uncle (Ben Chapman) was the engineer. It was ordered for 1625 and was the last steam passenger service to Chalk River.
Tuesday, November 17th, the last passenger train with a steam locomotive to run westward along Scott Street was the afternoon pool train #263 to Brockville.  It doubleheaded a steam locomotive 1231 with a diesel 8481.  1231 was engineered by Percy Newton. I believe that 1231 had brought in an extra train from Smiths falls and it was being deadheaded back, as the engineer on the diesel 8481 was Jack Mandeville, a Smiths Falls man. It was ordered at 1445.
Monday, November 30th,  steam locomotive 2827 doubleheaded 2 diesel units 8455-8587 on #89 at 0050.  2827 had come up from Smiths Falls on earlier in the day on train 560, the evening pool train from Brockville.
Wednesday, December 2nd, 227 was on a first section of #83 at 1900.
Saturday, December 5th, 1267 was on an extra west replacing train #83 to Smiths Falls at 1900
Monday, December 7th,  1226 was on #89 at 0001.
Wednesday, December 16th, 2398 was on an extra west freight to Smiths Falls at 1115 am.
Monday, January 4th, 1960, steam locomotive 1227 worked by itself with 2 idling diesels, 8765-8469 on #89 again at 0200. Also on that date, the evening freight train to Smiths Falls had steam locomotive 2398 which was ordered for 2030.
Friday, January 8th, 1960, steam locomotive 1226 doubleheaded on freight train #89 to Smiths Falls with diesels 8474-8568 at 0200.  This was the last steam locomotive to work over the Carleton Place subdivision.

Lachute subdivision
The dispatch books that I have are from 1958 to 1960.   During this period there was never steam on through freight #86, or the morning passenger #132.
The Pilgrimage trains to Ste. Anne de Beaupre in those years:

August 17, 1958, 8762-8795, 2 freight units.
August 16, 1959, 4098-8594
August 14, 1960, 8735-8577
April 29th, 3701, the normal Buckingham engine, made its last run there.
May14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 19th (Victoria Day, Monday), 890 was on #72, the morning Gatineau swing.
Tuesday, May 20th, #72, the morning Gatineau swing had 899.
Wednesday, May 21st, #78 had 890.
Friday, May 23rd, #78 had 899.
May 26th, 28th and 31st, 2500, a hand bomber, was on #74.
June 13th, One odd movement, #78, the noon Gatineau yard switcher ordered for 1215, had Royal Hudson 2839 which had arrived on the overnight pool train #24; it left on #23 that evening on time. Must have been a nice yard engine to switch with at Gatineau in the C.I.P. mill!!
July 14th, 16th, 18th, 21st and 23rd, 1262 is on #74.  Before July 14th, #74 is dieselized.
July 25th and 28th, 1226 is on #74.
July 30th, 1262 was on #74.
August 1st, 1226 was on #74.
August 4th, 6th and 8th, 1262 was on #74.
August 11th, 1226 was on #74.
August 13th, 15th, 18th, 20th and 22nd, 1262 was on #74.
August 25th, 1226 was on #74.
August 27th and 29th and September 3rd, 1262 was on #74.
September 5th, 1226 was on #74.
Monday, September 8th, 1262 was on #74.
Wednesday, September 10th, #78, the Gatineau yard engine had 1226.
September 12th, 1226 was on #74.
September 15th and 17th, 1262 was on #74.
September 19th, 1226 was on #74.
September 22nd, 24th and 26th, 1262 was on #74.
September 29th, 1226 was on #74.
October  1st and 6th, 1262 was on #74.
October 7th, #78 to Gatineau had 1262.
October 8th, 1226 was on #74.
October 10th and 13th, #74 had 1262
October 15th, #74 had 1262 and #78 had 1226.
October 17th, #74 had 1226 and #78 had 1262.
October 20th, 1262 was on #74.
Tuesday, October 22nd, #74 had 1262 and #78 had 1226.
October 26th, 1226 was on #74.
October 27th and 29th,1262 was on #74.
October 31st, 1226 was on #74.
November 3rd and 5th, 1262 was on #74.
November 7th and 10th, 1267 was on #74.
November 12th, 1226 was on #74.
November 14th and 17th, 1262 was on #74.
November 19th, 1267 was on #74 and 1267 was on #78.
November 21st, 1226 was on #74.
November 24th, 5171 was on #74.
November 26th, 1262 was on #74.
November 28th, #73 had 5171 and #78 had 1267.
December 1st and 3rd, #74 had 1262,
December 5th, #74 had 5145.
December 8th, #74 had 1224.
December 10th, #74 had 1262.
December 12th, #74 had 2508.
December 15th, #74 had 2237.
December 19th, #74 had 1227.
Monday, December 22nd, #74 had 1264, and it pulled dead 3701 to St. Luc.
Tuesday, December 23rd, #54 had 5162 at 2345, behind #86.
December 24th, #74 had 2237.
Wednesday, December 29th and 31st, #74 had 1226.
Tuesday, January 6th, #134 passenger had 1224, a Toronto John Street engine. #72 had 1227 replacing diesels for one day.
Wednesday, January 7th, #74 had 1226.
Thursday, January 8th, #70, the Buckingham swing, has 1227 and #78 had 1264, a Toronto John Street visitor.
January 9th, 1227 was on #74.
January 12th and 13th, only #74 is steam with 1226;
Wednesday, January 14th, #74 had 1226 and #78 had 1227.
Friday, January 16th, #74 had 2237, a hand bomber and #78, Gatineau yard engine had diesel FA-1 4019, another fine yard engine!!
Monday, January 19th, #72 has diesel 8789, a Lachute Sub snow plow with 1270 was ordered for 0500, #74 had 1217 and #78 had 1227.
Tuesday, January 20th, #72 had diesel 8786 and a Lachute Sub snow plow with 1270 was ordered for 0545.
Wednesday, January 21st, #72 had 2500 first use of steam on #72 for a while, #74 had1217 and a Lachute Sub snow plow with 1227 was ordered for 0430.
Thursday, January 22nd, #72 had 2500 and a Lachute Sub snow plow with 1227 was ordered for 0500.
Friday, January 23rd, #72 had 2500, #74 had visitor 1217 and #78 had 1227.
Wednesday, February 4th, #72 had 2500, #74 had 1263 and #78 had visitor 1255.
Monday, February 9th, #72 had 2500, #74 had 1262 and #54 had 2326 at 1345
Tuesday, February 10th, #72 had 2500, #54 had 2326 at 1220, and the last use of steam on passenger trains on the North Shore, #134 with a Chapleau engine 2424 at 1745.
Friday, February 13th, #72 had 1227, #74 had 1264, #54 had 1231 at 0445 and #78 had 2500.
Saturday, February 14th, #72 had 2500 and #54 had 5162 at 1145.
Friday, February 20th, #72 had 2500; #74 had 1263 and a snow plow on the Lachute Sub with a D-10 892 ordered for 0545...some trip!!
Monday, February 23rd, #72 had 2500, #74 had 1263 and #78 had 1270.
Wednesday, February 25th, #72 had 2500, #74 had 1263, #54 5163 at 0545, #78 with 899, and the last steam run of the Buckingham "swing" #70 with 1270.  This engine could not have done much work there, as this job in steam days used a heavy 2-8-0 such as 3701 or 3751.  Also on this date, at 0250, there was an SAP call for an engine to go to Buckingham, and 1267 went.
Friday, February 27th, #72 had 2500, #74 had 1263, #78 with 1226;
Saturday, February 28th, #54 5171 at 1245.
Monday, March 2nd, #72 had 2500 and #74 had 1262.
Wednesday, March 4th, #72 had 2500, #74 had 1262 and #78 had 899.
Thursday, March 5th, #72 had 2500 and #54 had 5114 at 1645.
Friday, March 6th, #72 had 2500, #74 had 1262 and #78 had 1270.
Saturday, March 7th, #72 had 899 as 2500 was used on a Prescott plow.
Monday, March 9th, #72 had 2500, #54 had 5162 for 0715 and #78 had 1270.
Wednesday, March 11th, #72 had 2500, #74 had 1262 and #78 had 1270. 
Friday, March 13th, #72 had 2500; #74 had 1226 and #78 had 899.
Saturday, March 14th, #72 had 2500 and #78 had 1227.
Sunday, March 15th, 1959, a snowy day.  The last steam snow plow on the Lachute sub, was 1270, ordered for 0545.
Monday, March 16th, #72 had 2500, #74 had 1226 and #54 had 5163.
Tuesday, March 17th, #72 had 2500, #78 had 1262.
March 18th, #74 has 2-8-2 5163, 2500 was on #72.
March 19th, #72 has 1227 and #78 had 1262.
March 20th, 1262 was on #74 and 1227 was on #78.
March 23rd, 1262 was on #74.
March 25th, 1227 was on #72, and #78, the noon Gatineau switcher, has 1226 at 1315.
March 20th, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th, 2500 was on #72.
Friday, March 27th, 2500 was on #74.
March 30th and 31st, 2500, hand-bomber 4-6-2, was on #72.
April 1st, 1270 is on #72, Gatineau switcher.
April 1st and 3rd, 1227 was on #74.
Tuesday, April 7th, 1270 makes the last steam run of #72, the morning Gatineau switcher.
April 8th, 1263 was on #74. 
April 13th and 15th, 1270 was on #74.
April 17th, 22nd, 27th, 29th and May 1st and 4th, 1227 was on #74.
May 6th, 8th and 11th, 1270 was on #74.
May 13th, 1227 was on #74.
May 20th,1264 was on #74.
May 22nd, 1227 was on #74.
May 25th, 1270 was on #74.
May 27th and 29th and June 1st, 1227 was on #74.
June 3rd, 1270 was on #74.
June 5th, 1227 was on #74.
June 8th, 2-8-2 5170 was on #74.
June 10th, 1228 was on #74.
June 12th, 1270 was on #74.
June 15th and 17th, 1227 was on #74.
June 22nd,24th and 26th, 1270 was on #74.
Thursday, June 26th, #78 had D-10 899.
July 1st, 1263 was on #74.
July 3rd, 1270 was on #74.
July 6th and 8th, #74 had 1227.
July 10th, #74 had 1227.
Monday, July 13th, #74 had 1270.
Tuesday, July 14th, #54 had 2334 ordered for 1200.
July 15th, 1227 was on #74.
Friday, July 17th, #54 had 2819, a 4-6-4 ordered for 1245, and #74 had 1227.
Monday, July 20th, #74 had 1263, a Toronto John Street engine.
July 24th, 27th and 29th, 1227 was on #74.
Friday, 26 July, 1959, When there was an excess of traffic, a train #54 would be called at Ottawa West, normally around noon to go to St. Luc.  The last use of steam on #54 was on this date and heavy 4-6-2 2334 did the honours.  However, it was not ordered until 1445.
July 31st, 1959, #74 had 1270, and it hauled D4g 417 to Angus for scrapping.
August 3rd, 1227 was on #74.  Also on this date was the last use of steam on the noon Gatineau yard switcher, D-10 899 on #78 ordered for 1215.
5th August, 1270 was on #74.
August 7th, 10th and 12th, 1227 was on #74.
14th August, 1270 was on #74.
17th and 19th August, 1227 was on #74.
21st August, 1270 was on #74.
24th and 26th August, 1227 was on #74.
August 28th and 31st, 1270 was on #74.
Wednesday, September 2nd, 1959, when #74 had 1227.
Friday, September 4th, #74 had RS-18 8793 for power, and hauled D4g 417 to St. Luc dead; later to return in excursion service.
Monday, October 5th, #74 had RS-18 8779 for power, and hauled D4g 425 to Angus for scrap.  425 had just made the last steam run on the  Waltham mixed train on Monday, September 28th, 1959.
Wednesday, November 4th, #74 had RS-3 8459 for power, and took D4g #424 to Angus for scrapping; it had come in on a CRHA special recently.
Friday, November 27th, 5163 was on #74.
Wednesday, December 2nd, 1228 was on #74.
Friday, December 4th, FA-1 4002 was the power on #74, must have been lovely for switching, and it pulled 2-8-2 5152 dead to St. Luc.  This engine had been the Maniwaki wayfreight, #79's engine, but had not run since the spring, and sat outside, stack capped, all summer.
Monday, 7th December, #74 had RS-3 8426, but pulled 1262 to St. Luc,  Needless to say, it returned to Ottawa running 3 times after this.
Friday, 11th December, 5168 was on #74.
Monday, 14th December, 5102 was on #74 and pulled D-10 899 dead to Angus for scrapping.
Wednesday, 16th December, 5102 was on #74;
Friday, 18th December, 2-8-2 5160 was on #74.
Monday 21st, December, 1271, a Toronto John Street engine was on #74.
Wednesday, December 23rd, #74 had 1264;
Wednesday, January 6th, 1270 was on #74.
Friday, January 8th,1228 was on #74.
Monday January 18th, 1270 was on #74.
Wednesday and Friday, January 20th and 22nd, #74 had 1264.
Friday, February 19th, 1262 was the last steam locomotive eastward on the Lachute Subdivision on #74, the 'east wayfreight' at 0530.

Maniwaki subdivision.
May, 1231 was the engine used on the Maniwaki wayfreight, #79
First half of July, 1226 and 1267 were on the Maniwaki wayfreight, #79.
Second half of July, 5175 was on #79, the Maniwaki wayfreight. 
In the dispatch book starting on Sunday, September 14th, #79 is dieselized by this time.
Friday, September 26th, gas car 9004 makes its last trip to Maniwaki on train #293.
Sunday, September 28th,  gas car 9005 was on the Sunday only train #297.
October 6th to 9th incl., RDC's are used on train #293 to Maniwaki, 9115 is shown one day, 9106 another.
October 10th, RS-2 8401 was on #293.
October 11th to 26th incl., gas car 9005 runs to Maniwaki on the passenger #293.
October 27th, gas car 9005 makes its last run to Maniwaki on train #293.
Tuesday, October 28, gas cars 9004 and 9005 moved dead to Montreal on train #76 over the M&O subdivision behind 8459.
Thursday, December 18th, 1226 was on a Maniwaki snow plow at 1900.
Tuesday, December 23rd, 1226 was on a Maniwaki plow at 0600.
Friday, January 2nd, Maniwaki snow plow with 1227 at 1300.  
Tuesday, January 6th, 1267 on #293 passenger.
Wednesday, January 7th, 1267 was on a log extra at 1915. This was the first run of this season for the logs.
Thursday, January 8th, 1267 on the log train at 2045.
Friday, January 9th, 1270 was on a Maniwaki plow at 1345.
Tuesday, January 13th, #293 passenger had 1227 and the log train had 1270 at 1845
Thursday, January 15th, log train had 1227 at 0615.
Friday, January 16th, #79 had RS-18 8789, and the log train that evening at 1845 had GP-9 8703.
Sunday, January 18th,1227 on a Maniwaki plow at 0455.
Monday, January 19th, 1262 was on #79 wayfreight.  After this, diesels were used for a spell.
Tuesday January 20th, 1227 ran a snow plow at 0145 and 1262 was ordered for logs at 1845.
Thursday, 22nd January, 1270 was ordered for logs at 1845.
Friday, January 23rd, 1262 on the log train at 1845;
Wednesday, January 28th, 1270 was on wayfreight #79, replacing 5152 for a trip.
Thursday, January 29th, 1262 on a log train at 1845;
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, January 30th until March 21st, 5152 was on #79.
Saturday, January 31st, visitor 1255 was on a Maniwaki plow at 0615.
Sunday and Tuesday, February 1st and 3rd, 1262 was on a log extra.
Friday, February 6th, 1270 was on a log extra at 1845.
Tuesday, February 10th, 1227 was on a snow plow north at 0615 and 1267 was on a log extra to Maniwaki at 2346.
Thursday, February 12th, 1267 was on a log extra to Maniwaki at 1245.
Monday, February 16th, at 0645, there was a passenger extra to Chelsea with engine 1270.
Tuesday, February 17th, 1270 was on a log train at 2330.
Thursday, February 19th, 1226 on a Maniwaki plow at 1330.
Tuesday, February 24th, 1226 was on a Maniwaki plow at 0630, and 1227 on a log train at 1900.
Wednesday, February 25th, 1267 was on #293 passenger.
Thursday, February 26th, 1227 was on a log train at 1845.
Tuesday, March 2nd, 1270 went north on a log extra at 1845.
Wednesday, March 4th, the last use of steam on a log extra was on this date when 1226 went north at 1845
Friday, March 6th, 1226 was on a snow plow at 2346.
Tuesday, March 10th, 1227 was on a snow plow at 0645.
Friday, March 13th, 1270 on a snow plow at 0045.
Saturday, March 14th, 1270 was on a snowplow to Maniwaki at 0115.
Monday, March 16th, the last steam snow plow on the Maniwaki Subdivision was on this date when 1227 went north at 1345.  
Monday and Wednesday, 21st and 23rd March, #79 had 1270.
Friday, March 25th, 5152 was on #79.
Easter Monday, March 30th, the last use of steam on the wayfreight #79 was with 2-8-2 5152.  5152 then sat around in Ottawa West roundhouse without moving until it went dead to Montreal on the east wayfreight, #74 on Friday, December 4th, 1959.
Tuesday, April 28th, 1270 was on #293 passenger.
Wednesday, October 7th,  1270 was on passenger #293. 1270 never turned another wheel until it went working to Montreal on #76 Wednesday, December 2nd, 1959. It sat outside the roundhouse at Ottawa West for 2 almost months with the stack capped.
Thursday and Friday, December 17 and 18, 1227 went up to Maniwaki.
Monday, December 21st, 1226 was on #293.
December 22nd and 21st, 1227 ran the passenger train #293.
December 24th, 25th and 26th, RS-2 8401 hauled #293 passenger.  
Monday to Thursday, December 28-31, 1227 went north on #293.
Saturday, January 2nd, the last steam locomotive to go to Maniwaki (prior to the1057 and 1201 excursions) was 1227 on #293.

M & O (Montreal and Ottawa) Subdivision
The book starts on Saturday, April 19th, 1958,
Thursday, April 24th, #92 has the 899 to Rigaud.
Saturday, May 10th, #76 to Montreal, St. Luc had 1226.
Sunday, May 28th, #236 to Montreal had 2828 for power, its last visit to Ottawa.
On Victoria Day, Monday, May 29th, a special #236 ran to Montreal with 1270.
Thursday, May 22nd, #92 had 3701, a rough rider released from the Buckingham roadswitcher.
Thursday, May 29th,  #92 had 1226.  On the same day #76 to Montreal had for power diesel RS-3 8431, and D4g 489 dead to Angus.
Thursday, June 5th, #92 had 2500.
Thursday, July 10th, #92 had D4g 417.  On that same day, on the Waltham Subdivison, the Franeschini Pit turn had diesel 7089!!
Thursdays, July 17th & 31st,  #92 had 1226.
Thursday, August 14th,  #92 to Rigaud had 1267.
Friday, August 15th, 1226 was on a work train on the M&O Subdivision.
Thursday, September 4th,  #92 to Rigaud had 1226.
Monday, September 15th, 1226 was on a 2-day work train on the M&O Subdivision.
Thursday, September 18th,  #92 to Rigaud had 1226.
Friday, October 3rd, #76 to Montreal, St. Luc had 1262.
Tuesday, October 28th, Gas cars 9004 and 9005 went dead to Montreal on train #76 behind 8459.
Thursday, December 4th, 1226 was on wayfreight #92.
Saturday and Monday, January 3rd & 5th, 1270 was on an M&O snowplow ordered at 0415 both days.
Tuesday, January 6th, 1227 was on #76 with 1227 to Montreal, St. Luc.
Wednesday, January 7th, 1270 was on an M&O Snowplow ordered at 0445.
Thursday, January 8th, #92 had 1270 and #76 went to Montreal powered by GP-9 8704, and 2 dead steamers, 890-2609.
Saturday, January 17th, 1270 was on an M&O Snowplow was ordered for 0315.
Thursday, January 22nd, #92 to Rigaud had D4g #425.
Tuesday, January 27th, #76 to Montreal, St. Luc had 1262.
Thursday, January 29th,  #92 to Rigaud had 1255.
Tuesday, February 3rd, 1255 worked an M&O snowplow.
Wednesday, February 4th, #76 had 8401 working, and steam locomotive 3426 to Angus for scrap.
Thursday, February 5th, 1267 was on #92.
Tuesday, February 10th, 1270 was on an M&O snowplow ordered at 0315.
Thursday, February 12th, #76, through freight to Montreal, St. Luc, had 1270, and #92 to Rigaud had 1262.
Tuesday, February 17th, 1267 was on an M&O Snowplow ordered at 0315.
Thursday February 19th, wayfreight #92 had 1270.
Thursday, February 26th, 1226 was on wayfreight #92.
Friday and Saturday, February 27th and 28th, 2819 was on #232 
Sunday, March 1st, 2816 was on #236.
Wednesday, March 4th, 2816 was on #234,.
Thursday, March 5th, #92 had 1270 to Rigaud.
March 7th, 1959, 1227 was on an M&O plow at 0345.
Sunday March 8th, Hudson #2811 was on #236.  This is one of 2 that had a booster and this was its last trip to Ottawa.
Thursday, March 12th, the Rigaud wayfreight, #92, had 1226 and 1227 was on another M&O plow at 2215 this same day.
Friday, March 13th, 1227 ran the last steam hauled snow plow on the M&O Subdivision.
Friday 13th March, 2822 was on #234.
Saturday March 14th, #234 had 2825;
Second week of March, 2821/2825 on #232/236
Sunday March 22, 2821 was on #236.
Monday March 23, 2825 was on #232.
Tuesday to Thursday March 24-26, 2821 was on #232.
Wednesday, March 25th, #234 had 2859.
Friday, March 27th, 2819 was on #234.
Sunday (Easter), March 29th, 2821 was on the regular #236.
Monday (Easter) March 30, 2816 is on #234. CP would run a #236 on holiday Monday nights, and a special #236 was run this night with 1267. #232 this day had 2825,
First two weeks of April, 2821 on #232, except 2825 on Monday, April 13th, and #236 previous night had 2821. Same rotation previous  2 weeks.
Sunday, April 19th, #236 had 2825.
Last two weeks of April, 2821 held #232 for 2 weeks steady, except 2816 was on #232 on Monday April 20th .
Sunday April 26th, #236 had 2825.
Sunday, May 3, #234 had 2821, #236 2859.
Monday, May 4th, 2816 was on #232.
Friday, May 8th, 2859 was on #234 for one day; and on #232 on Wednesday, May 6th, otherwise 2821 held the fort.
Monday, May 11th, 2841 was on #232.
May 12-25th, 2821 is on #232.
May 16th,  #234 had 2822.
Sunday, May 24th, 2859 made its last visit to Ottawa on #234.
May 25-June 7, 2821 and 2825 alternate on #232 except Sunday, May 31st, 1959, 2821 is on #234.
Thursday, May 28th, #92, the Rigaud wayfreight, has 1270.
Thursday, June 4th, #92, the Rigaud wayfreight, which often went through to St. Luc, had its last steam run with 1227 at 0745. 
Sunday, June 7th, #234 had 2821, #236 had 2825.
Tuesday June 9th, 2821 was on #232.
Wednesday, June 10th, #232 has 2821 for the last time. (This was the engine involved in the wreck at Churchill Avenue).
During June, #232 sports 2841, 2822, 2825, 2820 on different days.
June 14th, Sunday only #236 uses 2820.
June 21 and 28, Sunday only #236 uses 2841.
Sunday, July 1st , 2819 showed up here for the last time on #234. During July #232 in the morning is never dieselized.
July 3-9th, 2820 2825 and 2841 covered #234.
July 10th, 2841 was on #234.
July 11th, 2825 was on #234.
July 12th, 2820 was on #234
July 16, 2821 was on #234.
July 17-18th, #234 had 2820.
July 20th, 2820 was on #232.
July 21-22nd, #232 had 2825.
July 23rd, #232 had 2841 and #234 had 2822.
July 24, #232 had 2825.
Monday to Thursday, July 27-30th incl., #232 had 2825.
Sunday July 19th, #234 had 2825, #236 had 2841, a Toronto John Street engine, no doubt long out of work in Toronto.
Sunday July 26th, #234 had 2825, #236 had 2841.
Friday, July 31st, #234 had 2820, #232 had 2825.
Sunday, August 2nd, 2822 did the honours on #236, and #234 had 2825.
Monday, August 3rd, 2820 handled morning train #232, last time for steam on this train.
Sunday, August 9th, 2835 was used on the Sunday-only evening passenger train #236 to Montreal.
Sunday, August 16th, 2825 handled the Sunday-only evening passenger train #236 to Montreal, the last time for steam on this train.
Friday, October 2nd, Royal Hudson 2825 handled #234 to Montreal, ordered 1445.
Sunday, October 4th, D4g #424 was on a passenger extra on the M&O Subdivision to Montreal; ordered at Ottawa West for 1515.
Wednesday, December 2nd, 1270 was on through freight #76 to Montreal.  It had last run on #293, the Maniwaki passenger on Wednesday, October 7th, 1959  and sat stored outside at Ottawa West since then.
Thursday, December 24th, Christmas Eve, Hudson 2816, still running today, was the power on the afternoon passenger train to Montreal, #234 at 1600.
Friday, January 8th, a pilot was called for CNR #2 detouring on the M&O Subdivision, ordered SAP for 1545, and Harold Greenlaw did the honours.  Looks like just  the one train detoured this day.
Monday February 22nd, the last steam from Ottawa West was 1262 on through freight #76 to Montreal via the M&O Subdivision ordered for 1700.

Prescott Subdivision
December 23rd,  2424 was on an extra south, but probably to Smiths Falls;
January 5th, D-10 964 was on a Smiths Falls plow, doesn't say which way it went.
January 6th, 1262 on a Prescott snow plow
January 12th, 1270 Prescott snow plow.
January 17th, 1227 Prescott snow plow.
January 22nd, 1262 on a Prescott snow plow.
February 5th,  1227 was on an extra south at 2345
February 7th,  1227 was on a Bedell snow plow.
February 10th, 1267 was on a Prescott snow plow at 0345.
February 11th, 1262 was on the Prescott way freight #94.
February 12th, 1226 was on the Prescott way freight #94.
February 16th, 1227 was on the Prescott way freight #94.
February 20th, 1270 was on the Prescott way freight #94.
February 24th, 1267 went on a Prescott snow plow at 0415.
February 28th, 1227 was on an extra south at 0215 but don't know how far he went.
March 7th, 2500 was on a Bedell snow plow.
March 10th, 2859 was dispatched on an extra south at 0005, but I doubt that he would have gone to Prescott.
March 13th, 1262 on Prescott snow plow.
March 16th, 1262 on Prescott snow plow.
July 12th, 1959,  engineer  Jaques Fortin and fireman F. Hall were sent to Prescott at 0930 for a coal boat.  Now whether 3546 was still working there at the time, I don't know.  This was a Sunday morning.
December 17th, 1227 was used on #94, the Prescott wayfreight.
December 29th, 1226 was used on a Bedell plow from Ottawa West at 2145 and earlier in the day, the same 1226 went through to Prescott on a plow, ordered for 1100.  This would have been the last steam in Prescott on CP out of Ottawa West. 
December 31st, 1226 was on #94, the Prescott Wayfreight, the last time that steam was used on the Prescott subdivision.

Sussex Street subdivision
The book starts on Saturday, April 19th, 1958, and 3426 is on the Sussex that day.
Week of 21st to 26th April,1958, 3426 is on #96 to Sussex Street.
Wednesday, April 29th, 1958, 3701 is on the run to Sussex Street.
Wednesday, May 7th, 1958, D-10 899 is on the Sussex Street.
Thursday and Friday, May 8th & 9th, Monday to Wednesday May 19th to 21st, Wednesday, July 23rd, Friday, August 1st, 1958, #96 had 3426.
Tuesday, October 14th, 1958, the last normal steam run to Sussex Street with 3426, but this was because the diesel had to be used elsewhere.
Thursday, January 29th, 1959,  D-10 899 was on #96.  This was the last run of steam on the Sussex Street subdivision.

Waltham subdivision

April 19th, 489 did the honours until the 23rd, then 425, and they alternated until May 9th.
May 10th, diesel 6551 was used until the 14th when 489 went up.
May 17th, diesel (which one?6551?)
(The last sign of 6551 at Ottawa West is on June 2nd, 1958, on train #74, our 'east wayfreight' to St. Luc on the Lachute Sub, and it never shows up again.  It must not have liked its Waltham passenger runs!)
Next week 489 and 425 were used but 489's last run was May 23rd, 1958;
June 5th 1958 489 goes dead to Angus for scrapping on train #76 behind RS-3 8431 . 
425 stayed on until June 8th, then 417 showed up.
417 never missed a trip until July 2nd when diesel 6552 went to Waltham for one trip.
417 was back on the 3rd to the 8th, 425 on the 9th and they alternated until the 25th.
July 26th, diesel  6552 went up, then 417-425 alternated;
August 2nd, 6552 was used, then 417-425;
6552 was used on Saturday runs as follows: August 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, and September 1st, Labour Day, September 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, then to October 11th, and 13th, 18th, 25th, November 1st, 8th, 15th, and the 22nd.
Steam was used on weekdays with 417 and 425 alternating.
December 31st, 1958, 6552 was used as well as January 1st, 1959.  Wonder how they heated the train??
425 on the 2nd, 6552 on the 3rd, 24th, 26th, 28th, 29th, 31st
January 11th 417 was used on a Waltham snowplow at 1745.
January 30th, 417 went on the Waltham wayfreight CPR had been using 6500's for months.  That day, 425 went on the passenger.
February 1st, 417 went on another Waltham plow.
February 2nd 425 was on the wayfreight, and 417 on the passenger, and it was like this for 4 days;
February 6th, 6552 was used on a plow...crew must have been happy.;   
February 9th, 6552 on another plow...must have been a snowy winter!!
February 11th, 6552 on the wayfreight, 417 on the passenger, and 424 (just arrived ) was used on a plow at 2315.
No change until February 13th, when 424 went on the wayfreight, 417 on the passenger.
February 14th 6552 passenger.
February 16th 424 on a snow plow at 0145, 417 on passenger.
February 18th 424 way freight, 417 passenger.
February 20th 425 snow plow at 0045, way freight 424, passenger 417.
February 25th, 6552 snow plow, 417 passenger;
February 27th 424 way freight, 6552 passenger and the same on the 28th.
March 1st-6th 417 and 425 used and 6552 on the way freight;
March 7th 6552 passenger.
March 9th 424 way freight, 417 passenger;
March 11th 425 way freight, 417 passenger.
March 13th 424 way freight, 417 passenger, 425 on a Waltham plow for 1830.
March 14th Saturday 6552 passenger.
March 16th, 1959: 424 way freight, 417 passenger, 425 Waltham plow for 2315 this is the last steam snow plow on the Waltham subdivision.
March 18th, 6552 way freight, 417 passenger.
March 20th 6552 passenger and 425 way freight;
March 21st, 6552
March 23rd, 424 way freight.
March 30th 424 way freight (this is 424's last run to Waltham, 417 passenger.  
6552 passenger April 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th,  May 2nd,  6th, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and the 30th,  but 425 is on every other day until April 20th when 417 is back.
April 24th, May 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 11th, then May 22nd, and 27th 425 is on the way freight.
May 27th 425 shows on the passenger on,  6552 on the way freight until Saturday, June 6th when 6552 is on the passenger, same for June 13th.
June 15th,  417 takes over the passenger and on Wednesday, 425 is back on the way freight with 417 on the passenger.
June 22nd and 24th, 417 way freight, 425 passenger.
June 26th 6552 way freight.
June 27th 6552 passenger.
July 1st, 425 way freight, 6552 passenger.
July 2nd 417 way freight, 425 passenger.
July 6th, 8th and 10th 425 way freight, 417 passenger.
July 11th, 6552 passenger.
July 13th, 425 way freight, this is the last use of steam on the wayfreight, 417 passenger. 
July 15th 6552 way freight, 417 passenger this is 417's last run.
July 16th 425 passenger.
July 18th 6552 passenger. Then 425 takes over solo (when steam is required for heating) until its last run on September 28th, 1959, the 3rd last day of operation. 
July 24th, 6620 makes its first trip to Waltham on the way freight.
July 25th, 27th, 28th, and August 1st, 6552 on passenger.
July 31st, 417 goes dead to Angus for scrapping on train #74 behind 1270 for power.
August 8th, 6620 makes its first passenger trip to Waltham.
August 15th, 22nd, 26th through to September 1st, Sept 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 24th, and 25th, 6552 on passenger.
August 21st, 6621, another brand-new unit shows up, first run on the Waltham way freight.
September 4th,  424 goes dead to Angus on train #74 behind RS-18 8793. However, it returned to Ottawa on the CHRA fantrip in October, and sat around until it left dead on November 4th, 1959 on train #74 behind RS-3 8459.
September 26th, 6620 on passenger?
September 29th and 30th 6552 on last run of passenger.
October 5th,  425 (last regular Waltham D4g at Ottawa West) goes dead to Angus for scrapping on train #74 behind RS-18 8779.

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