The Railways of Ottawa

The purpose of this section is to set out some of the conclusions we have come to on various aspects of Ottawa Railway History.  They have been taken primarily from the messages sent by members with some editing.  It is hoped, over time, that this will become a useful reference source and will avoid going over old ground. Some additional information can also be found on Rene Gourley's web pages at:  Bob Moore has put a great deal of effort into the Railways of Eastern Ontario.

1.16    Canadian Pacific - Billings

A station, known as Exhibition Landing, was first built at Billings in August 1875 by the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway for passengers travelling to the Ottawa Exhibition.  A siding was also put in to unload freight and livestock for to the Exhibition.  That year the Exhibition started on Monday 20 September and all trains stopped at Billings.  Initially, it is possible that it was a temporary station. (Ottawa Journal - 19 August, 14 & 20 September, 1875 and Ottawa Citizen 18 September, 1875).

City of Ottawa Archives CA-0507

Board of Transport order 103638 of 1/30/61 authorized CPR to remove the station shelter at Billings Avenue, mile. 2.1.Sussex Street sub.  The station was in the north east quadrant of the crossing with Billings Avenue as shown on the plan.

This blueprint accompanied the application to remove the station in 1960

Latterly the shelter was a stopping place for mixed trains 592 and 593 only. This part of the Sussex Street sub. was abandoned on 17 July 1966.

Updated 14 April 2023

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