Stations in Quebec

Blue Sea Village, QC
Rue Principale east side behind houses.
GPS  46.182602, -76.057243
Flag stations from CP Orio and CP EllardNeed picture
Breckenridge, QC
130 du Village
CP (PPJ) first Breckenridge stationNeed to verify
Breckenridge, QC
1911 Chemin de la Montagne
CP second Breckenridge stationNeed to verify
Burnet, QCMay still exist.
Calumet, QC
169 rue Principale
GPS   45.648991, -74.640866
CP (QMO) Calumet station disused
Street View September 2011
Clemow, QC - See Gracefield
Farm Point, QC
Intersection of route 105 and Farm Point road, north east cormer behind white house
CP Farm Point station used as storageNeed picture
Farm Point, QC
17 Cross Loop Rd off Rte 5, behind farm house among buildings.
GPS 45.597877, -75.901635
CP Cascades station used as storageNeed picture
Farrelton, QC
Plunkett Rd. behid a house across from side of church
GPS 45.740876, -75.908636
CP Lordsvale station moved from original site to a point west of hwy 105.
The actual Farrelton station - a section foreman's house - is gone

Lordsvale station Photo by Bruce Ballantyne
Fassett, QC
111-113 rue St-Charles on highway 148
CP Fassett station moved east of original site and north of tracks, private residenceIn 1998 Railway station guide.
Gatineau, Hull, QC
199 Rue Montcalme at railway crossing on south side of crossing.
GPS  45.430710, -75.729316
HCW Hull station, in situ, built for the opening of the HCW in July 1992, then became a restaurant (the Laurier sur Montcalme) when HCW operations were cut back to the Hull shop area two years later, disused.
Street View May 2015
Gracefield, QC
From Gracefield on to Blue Sea Lake road then 3.6 km to rue de Lac Paquin then 4 km to Gracefield Camp. Station at back of clearing
CP Clemow station, camp building used for arts and crafts.
Photo by Bruce Ballantyne
Gracefield, QC
351 Chemin Mark, south of Gracefield and west of hwy 105
GPS  46.051417,  -76.098639
CP Perras station, moved from original location and next to a farmhouse.   F.W. Perras was mayor of Gracefield (1913-1918 and 1923-1926).
Photo by Bruce Ballantyne October 2015
Lachute, QC
South on Bethane off rue Principale (route 158) to Berry Street, west on Berry
GPS   45.656237,-74.333823
CP Lachute station in situ.
Street View Aug 2011
Lachute, QC
46 Rue Water
CN (CNoR/GN) Lachute station
GPS  45.658537, -74.335444

Claude Martel,  Quebec Railways Historical Research Institute.
Thanks to Gerry Gaugl.

Street View
Lusk, QC
In Luskville between highway 148 and a house on 'du Village'. Moved from mp 18.1 Waltham subdivision, in a farmers wooded fiels east of Luskville off highway 146. Used as a granary.

Pictures taken by Bruce Chapman on November 9, 2003  
Marelan, QC
Route 148 and Scotch Road (west of Lachute)
CP Marelan station, unused, in situIn 1998 Railway station guide
Masson, QC
GPS  45.547178, -75.417498
QG (CP/QMO&O) station, disused?
Street View July 2014
Mohr, QC
Mohr flag station moved from original location
GPS  45.5530444, -76.1020278

Montebello, QC

GPS  45.6499487,-74.9431309

Google Streetview September 2012
CP Montebello 1931 log cabin style station now used as the Montebello Tourist Office/ Bureau d'information touristique de Montebello.  
Next to Chocomotive
Montebello, QCOriginal CP 1877 Montebello station, used for storage and garageIn 1998 Railway station guide but may not now exist.
Parker, QC
On river front, near original site off highway 148, 4 km west of Luskville
CP (PPJ) Parker station, private residence.
Patterson, QCCP Patterson station near Larrimac, moved from original siteIn 1987 Guide.  May be gone
Quyon, QC
8110 O'Reilly Road
GPS  45.6117735,-76.2915075

CP Quyon station, moved from original site in 1980 and used as a dwelling. 
Left Quyon station at original location   Right Quyon station after being moved, 1982.  (Pat Brennan collection)

Shawville, QC
Shawville Exhibition Grounds
GPS  45.603649, -76.487226
CP (PPJ) Shawville station
Malcolm Vant photo 2009
Venosta, QC
Chemin Gare, 100m west off route 105
GPS  45.868822, -76.023789
CP Venosta station in situ.
Photo by Stu Moxley August 2015
Wakefield, QC
Rue Principale, Wakefield
GPS  45.639241, -75.928992
CP Wakefield station, in situ, restaurant. Pot au Feu
Photo by Stu Moxley August 2015

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