March 1975

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Wednesday 26 March

Went on tour no. 2 via Lamentin, Duclos and Riviere Salee to Josephine's Museum. It is situated in pleasant surroundings with tulip trees etc, and many humming birds. There were enormous vines among the trees. On for lunch at Le Diamantin where I had a good omelette.  Had a swim at a good beach although the breakers were pretty rough. Paul really enjoyed it. Saw large stands of cacti, 25 feet high, on the way back.

We came across the remains of a sugar cane railway at Riviere Salee. It closed some 5-6 years ago, about 8 locomotives remain and many trucks.  We met two interesting characters who wanted to show us around.  We came away with an armful of sugar cane - don't know what to do with it.  

A Davenport

A cane truck

A  row of cane trucks
This evening we ate at Chez Sidone with an American lady and her nephew. Good, if not expensive food - the first good meal she seems to have eaten in the island.
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