FA2 4050-FPA2 4095 on the "The Canadian."

Ottawa Station 10/22/74, CP#2 4050-4095, John Walchuk checking inbound train's power

'The Canadian' #11/12 from Toronto to Sudbury for several trips had this goofy combo: FA2 4050-FPA2 4095.

One night  I was working and saw that 4095 was due inspection in Montreal the next day.

How to get it there?

 #2 coming in from the west the following day had 2 1400's that were clear for dates and no ailments.
So I had Sudbury shop turn #11's power for #2 east and #2's power went south on #12.

I worked days in Montreal, and then drove to Ottawa and arrived in time to shoot him at the station.

Walkley shop foreman John Walchuk is standing beside the units.   I asked him how he liked the 2 MLW's instead of the usual GM's, and
he said that he preferred them!!!

Wow, an MLW lover!!

Fireman a tad slow shutting off the water intake on the 4095; the only unit with a steam generator to heat the little 6-car train on a cold wet blustery day.

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