Back in the late-1960s/early-1970s, the Sunday only morning CNR passenger train from Montreal to Ottawa was lined up on the eastward wye at M&O Junction so it can back into Ottawa Station to avoid a yard engine move. It was a spare 'chain gang' crew from Montreal. They got a slow signal at M&O Junction onto the eastward leg of the wye, but kept on heading east on the CPR M&O Subdivision! The train dispatcher's CTC board in Ottawa went blank. This being before train radios, the dispatcher called the CPR train dispatcher in Montreal, asking him if he has any operators east of Ottawa. It is almost 12:00. The CPR dispatcher rings Navan, and the agent, Rod Lalonde, has just returned from church. The dispatcher asked him: "Do you see an eastbound train coming?"

"Just a minute, I'll walk outside!" Rod: "Yes, I see a headlight away off in the west!" Dispatcher: "Put your order board on him!"

The train crew was very surprised to run into this signal, and stopped the train, as they were still running at a slow speed.

The train was run back west to Ottawa backwards as 'Passenger Extra 6705 West'. It is extremely fortunate that regular CP passenger train #233 to Ottawa had already arrived at Ottawa Station.

Bytown Railway Society,  Branchline, April 2006, page 22.

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